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Smart. Genuine. Talented. Pick three.

We started as a creative boutique in 2009. Now that’s timing. Soon, we were killing ourselves with our first big client, while the media agency was recycling last year's plan.

So we asked the client to let us handle the media, too, and they did.   

We kept growing, and adding services. Today, we can do just about anything: Media planning and buying. Video production. Content and sites. Branding. Stunts and activations.

What does this all mean, for you? Effective, efficient work. And, dare we say, more than a little accountability.

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“Hiring School of Thought was the least safe decision I’ve ever made and the most professionally rewarding. 

They are never yes men…and you never get the b-team. I highly recommend them.“

— Matt Curtis.  CMO, Milliman.  



"SoT is scrappy and nimble—you expect that from a small shop.

 What's  perhaps surprising is the caliber of their brand strategy and creative. Fortune 50 on down, these guys will deliver."

— Shannon Riordan. VP of Brand, iShares.