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MTV Cribs: Montage Health

We were ecstatic when MTV Cribs approached us to showcase our swank digs for the Montage Health video shoot.

The pad was right off a cozy corner of the charming Pacific Grove neighborhood of Monterey proper, with just the right amount of beach side charm.

We knew Cribs viewers would be impressed we were there working on a campaign to promote healthier habits throughout Monterey County.

They’d also be psyched to find our fridge teeming with zero calorie beverages, probiotic yogurt, and a very much still-functioning Brita filtration system.

(MTV Cribs: Montage Health, Ep. 1)

When we embarked on our relationship with Montage Health, they showed us a video clip of the “World’s Biggest Asshole” (The Martin Agency/Furlined) to set the bar for the type of work they wanted to do.

We were impressed. In our experience, healthcare clients go with the path of least resistance when it comes to advertising.

Our decision to shake things up set the tone for what turned out to be a highly inventive and distinctly humorous campaign. We scrambled over the next two weeks, alongside the talented Bennett Barbakow and the rest of the production team at Test Pattern, to deliver our best work.

In the end, we came out of the Monterey shoot with plenty of hilarious outtakes, fully functioning equipment (yes, a wave almost decimated one super fancy digital camera), and plenty of stories to share.

If it weren’t for our client’s trust in us and their willingness to go beyond the norm, it’s likely they wouldn’t have garnered as much attention as they have—and we probably wouldn’t have ended up with such a sick episode of Cribs.

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