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Debate Club is Back In Session

If you missed the first ever Debate Club, featuring TED speaker, and passionate Business Romantic Tim Leberecht, it was an invigorating … debate, about how we can all make work more meaningful—even magical.  It was also a chance to nosh on some amazing food, and rub shoulders with people you like hanging out with, even if there weren’t delicious free food and wine. 

For those who did, regrettably, miss our Mini-TED, you can check out Tim at the full-sized version here

Meanwhile, back on Pacific Avenue, Debate Club #2 is rapidly approaching. And it’s going to be another ringer. 

Jenny Feinberg is on a mission—one we’ll all benefit from. The founder of the Makespace Community, Jenny assembles groups of the most curious, open-minded, thoughtful people you’ve never met. What if the space you work in made your work better? And you better? For those of us who fear that the soul of San Francisco is on life-support, Makespace is cause for celebration.  Come hear Jenny share what she’s learned about making that thing we do all day decidedly un-work-like.


Join us for drinks, light refreshments and discussion.  Space is limited, so RSVP soon!