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Right place. Right time. Wrong decision?

There are few times in life when you have the opportunity to experience history as it happens around you. But during our recent production trip to London, we had the unique pleasure of experiencing such a moment firsthand.

As the entire city (as well as the world) was still ripe with mixed emotions from Britain’s decision to leave the EU, our in-house filmmaker (Conor Hagen) took to the streets to speak with the citizens of London and find out how they were handling the news. Unsurprisingly, much of the conversations were filled with disappointment, as uncertainty for Britain’s once stable future was now brought into question.

Though short, the documentary is a powerful piece that swiftly captures the aftermath of this referendum within just 24 hours of its landmark announcement. As so, the video was picked up by the acclaimed online publication The Independent and featured on their website.

We’re incredibly proud to share this documentary with the world because it truly is a living piece of history. And, we are extremely grateful to have someone like Conor on the team who is passionate about finding and sharing stories as they happen, despite how unexpected they may be.