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DailyPay Your Way to Financial Savings

We made a short video that highlighted a socially-conscious youth program about saving money. The program was led by Dontari Poe, a NFL defensive tackle, to teach kids how to play football, as well as budget their money for the future.

The program was carried out through a start-up called DailyPay. It’s a financial solutions company that has the mission to reduce employee turnover by allowing employees to control how and when they're paid. These goals kind of go hand in hand with setting up kids for a bright financial future.

Poe’s project, DailyPay It Forward, focuses on prevention. The idea is to get underprivileged kids to begin thinking about saving and budgeting their money now, before they get to college and start facing new obstacles.


It’s not something everyone has the luxury to think about—especially if you aren’t raised to anticipate having to manage a lot of money. The idea of this program is to ensure these aren’t the kids that grow up living paycheck to paycheck after graduation.

To better understand the project, we traveled to Memphis, Tennessee, to see how Poe inspires kids out on the field. Half of the time they’re out on the football field getting a game in; the other half is spent in the classroom, learning tactics that will help them to plan their future finances more effectively.

We were happy to spend some time with the kids during the Pay it Forward football camp and see them reap some of the benefits from the teachings. At the end of the day, they seemed more confident leading discussion and making presentations.


DailyPay is a pioneer in its space, providing a business case that should appeal to any company. If you want to retain your employees, some of them are going to need real-time access to their earned wages to feel happy and secure.

Giving employees the freedom to control their finances and feel like they own them can be incredibly empowering for the individual.

With a better understanding of how to manage money at an early age, communities can also grow to avoid some of the money-related obstacles they encounter once it’s already too late. The importance of having a mentor who can demonstrate how to achieve this success (and prove that it is realistic) is key to any youth program.


Habits around planning and budgeting money can hang around well after someone begins to make a good living. Plenty of NFL players find themselves in sticky situations after a rapid influx of money, but Poe has been an exception to that rule.

Part of his mission now is to assist others in doing the same as they begin to build their careers.

We love when we get the opportunity at SoT to explore more socially-conscious projects that our potential clients are involved with.

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