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We Won for Monterey

The Healthcare Advertising Awards is the oldest and most broadly recognized healthcare advertising awards competition. This year, they hosted their 36th annual competition, which received over 4,000 entries.

We were a Silver Winner (“Healthiest County in California” Television Advertising Single Spot) for our work on Montage Health!

Judges from all over the country review entries and rate submissions across creativity, effectiveness, quality and overall impact.

So, you can imagine our excitement when it casually showed up in our mailbox.

Our campaign for Montage Health has garnered many accolades since last year. We loved working on this project. We’re still actively looking for ways to spread the word about better lifestyle habits that can help change minds—and bodies—for the better.

Where We Go Next
Recently, we were working on a campaign to build awareness of Prediabetes. The focus was on how people can adopt more preventative behaviors to thwart the development of Type 2 Diabetes down the road.

There’s a very large population at risk of developing the disease, which can be incredibly debilitating for many. There’s a lack of education that lets people in on the potential causes of the disease. Small efforts are being made to get people to start making changes now to avoid discomfort later.

These are the kinds of campaigns we really love working on—those that make a positive impact on society. We are always actively seeking new clients who are interested in a similar call to action.

Note on the awards: the annual Healthcare Advertising Awards are supported by Healthcare Marketing Report, a leading healthcare marketing publication that looks at advertising and business development.