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Meet Our New Client

Some people decide to adopt a new pet. We went a step further recently and decided to adopt a whole menagerie. One new pro-bono client is Animal Care and Control, the San Francisco city agency that rescues and finds homes for a veritable Noah’s Ark of animals. Cats, dogs, birds, rats, snakes, bears (yep). . . every creature out there, including, of course, chinchillas, like Tobin.

The ACC faces a big challenge in getting recognition for the amazing work they do. By contrast, everyone knows of the SPCA. Yet few people know that the SPCA only accepts dogs and cats, and only in limited numbers. The ACC is the only organization in San Francisco that accepts every

kind of animal, with no limit to the numbers they accept. Our mission is to get the word out—drive awareness of the incredible work the ACC does. And drive donations at much higher levels, as well.

While we’re offering our services for free, a client could hardly be more rewarding. Or dangerous, as the ACC clients usually arrive at meetings with at least one impossibly adorable, eager-to-be-adopted creature in tow.

So the next time you’re visiting, don’t be surprised if you see an office python, parrot, kitten, and puppy.

Just not all together.