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California Goldminer

Could a tiny, unknown brand get into the hearts, minds and shopping carts of Arizonans? The answer was a resounding ‘yes’, as year over year sales jumped 17%.

When was the last time you saw great advertising for a bread? The category needed a shot in the arm.

This was the ask: launch an unknown bread with a budget that would barely cover a lunch meeting at Pepperidge Farm. Oh, and this would be in Arizona, not exactly a sourdough stronghold.

We had a few things going for us. First, the brand has character, as it makes use of the original 120 year-old sourdough starter. Another unique thing about Goldminer is that it’s actually baked fresh daily, right in the store. So consumers won’t find it in the bread aisle—it’s in the bakery section.

We used attention-grabbing outdoor, strategically positioned near stores, to create awareness. Once we had people inside, hang tags directed folks to the bakery section, where another floor talker welcomed them.

Radio, digital and social efforts brought it all home. Literally.