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SF Environment

In a campaign spanning outdoor, social, display and web, we increased awareness of recycling and composting by 24% in San Francisco—capturing the attention of residents as well as local and national press.

San Francisco—the most environmentally conscious city in the country, right? Turns out, when it comes to recycling and composting, there’s room for improvement. Especially among transplants—25% of all residents.

How do you change human behavior? Nagging doesn’t work. So we relied on insights about motivation. Turns out, peer pressure works. #SFThingToDo was born.

Launched on outdoor boards across the City, we struck a chord—and motivated behavior—by leveraging local charm and idiosyncrasies: steep hills, dating apps, and the interminable wait for coffee.

The campaign was so successful, SFE brought us back the following year for another effort, targeting food-obsessed Millennials.

So, we came up with Real Foodies Compost. The result? One happy client, and fewer dramatic banana peel slips.


Real Foodies Compost (SFE)

San Francisco Composts (SFE)