School of Thought

Cisco WebEx

Our guerilla effort generated over 100k engagements, 3 million impressions, and thousands of smiles (and installs) in record time.

Mobile World Congress and CeBit are two of the world’s largest tradeshows. The Cisco WebEx team wanted us to help them to steal the show—without a booth, across the globe, in four weeks.

We came up with the solve: #WebexToTheRescue.

Our intrepid personal assistants hit the floors, equipped with everything to help attendees survive the shows: aspirin, blister pads, snacks, phone chargers, restaurant reccos—you name it.

Our campaign gave attendees a hand while demonstrating WebEx’s brand promise: giving small business a leg up. In return, we asked for a mention in social media. Which we got, in spades.

Disruptive creative that meets a need and delivers on the brand? #BringIt

(2 minute overview)