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Montage Health

Our TV and print ads blanketed Monterey County. In two months, our campaign’s awareness nearly matched Kaiser’s famed Thrive campaign.

Healthcare advertising can be difficult. The typical approach is an endless stream of smiling patients and doctors, all shaking hands and high-fiving. Thankfully, our clients at Montage Health wanted more than that.

Could we do something different? Even laugh-out-loud funny?

We filmed across the stunning landscape of Monterey County for roughly eight days, trying to imagine what it might look like if an entire county decided to become radically healthier.

Almost like a macro version of Couch to 5K. Just a lot more entertaining. Luckily, laughter is also good for your health. 

Plant A Flag (The teaser)

All In (Montage Health)

This aired on the Super Bowl, Oscars and Olympics.

We Got This (Montage Health)


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